New rank Grandmaster and some new items in the shop

Quote from the game:

Dear Players! In your comments and e-mails you have frequently asked for a new rank so that you could compete with players that are at similar levels. In order to meet your needs, were introducing a new rank to the game – the Grandmaster. The highest rank that used to be the highest (Veteran) will now include players at levels 200 – 249, whereas all players at level 250 and higher will get a new high rank – Grandmaster. These changes also call for new rods – there are three new rods for coins (from level 150) and brand new rods for players at level 200 and higher. We wish all of you good luck in competing. and we’d like to congratulate all those players who now hold the prestigious title of Grandmasters!

2015.03.06_22h51m29s_001 2015.03.06_22h51m39s_002 2015.03.06_22h51m45s_003 2015.03.06_22h51m55s_004


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