New experience bonuses

Quote from support page:

Dear Players!

It’s time for the next step in our process of improving the system of earning experience points. We’re introducing brand new experience bonuses! The new bonuses, available in the Store, are designed to be well adjusted to your levels in the game and will help you progress more easily.


1 Experience bonus x2 15 100 000
25 Experience bonus x5 30 500 000
50 Experience bonus x10 60 1 000 000
100 Experience bonus x15 100 5 000 000
150 Experience bonus x20 150 25 000 000
200 Experience bonus x40 200 40 000 000
225 Perfect experience bonus x100 300
250 Unusual experience bonus x1000 400
275 Luxurious experience bonus x5000 600
300 Elite  experience bonus x50000 1000

Even our most ardent veterans will find something for themselves! You can also expect new experience bonuses to be granted as rewards for championships, competitions and other events in the game, just as it was before.

The second change includes removing experience bonuses for pearls from the Store. From now on all experience bonuses will be available for banknotes, and some of them also for coins.

Have good catches!




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