Talent – guide

Quote from Facebook:

Dear Players! After we introduced the change in the talent paths, a lot of you have reported troubles with understanding the rules. Below you will find all information necessary to use both talent paths fully.

Each player is allowed to have two active talent paths.

To start the second path, a player has to finish the first one, by finishing the path we understand possessing all talents with five stars.

Talent points are earned in special tasks marked with letter ‘T’.

Each talent path consists of 10 talents.

Each talent consists of 5 levels (the higher the level, the better the talent); the cost of each subsequent level is higher.

The reset of the talents costs 1999 banknotes; all talents are reset and the cost of the reset is fixed and does not depend on the number of the player’s talent paths.

The player can choose their talent path for free.

After finishing the first path, the player can choose their second talent path also for free.

The talents can be reset many times – each time the cost is 1999 banknotes.

Tight lines!

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