Today, on most pages of the game we may see the new feature – talents. They enables us to get unique abilities, so that we will gain additional bonuses in the game.
We may choose one of three paths. It is worth to consider the choice, because change costs 1000 banknotes (!).
The description in the game:

Points to the talents we may get doing the quest with the letter T:


4 thoughts on “Talents

  1. Any advice as to what talent path is most beneficial? I chose Skills. I’ll explain why. First, to sum up the paths:

    In my opinion, the “Competence” path would benefit players who use more banknotes than your average angler.Nearly all the options within this path affect items available only through banknotes.

    The “Skills” path has the options to make reeling in the either sea or freshwater fish 5% easier, as well as options giving your reel a 5% speed boost and options to boost sea or fresh fish size by 3%. There’s also a money booster (20%), an xp booster (10%) and a fish caught in net max weight booster (20%). Very useful stuff.

    The “Strength” path basically lets you beef up your rods and reels. There is also an option to boost by 5% the size of fish in sea and/or float and/or spinning fisheries. So, for example, if you chose this path and chose to boost the fish size in spinning fisheries, only fish found in areas restricted to spinning rods would be larger. Useful, but keep in mind that the skills path has options for this as well.

    Personally, I chose the “Skills” path. Though I cannot increase the strength of my rods or reels now, I feel that the options for an easier fight equally compensate. And the fish size boosters affect all fish, as opposed to only those within fisheries. And the money and xp boosters are nice.

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